Coin Master Pets [Everything That You Need To Know]
Coin Master Pets
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Coin Master is an adventure game by Moon Active for iOS and Android smartphones, which was released in 2010. You will be attacking enemies, building your village, spinning the slot machine, and protecting your village from enemy attacks in Coin Master.

When you spin the slot machine, you will get rewards such as coins, protective shields, hammers, and other buffs. You receive a few free spins after some time while you can spend cash to buy as many spins as you want from the in-game store. Coin Master features four hundred different villages, while new villages will be added to the game in the future.

Coin Master comes up with tons of different features to help players upgrade and defend their village. Pets make a lot of tasks easier as you earn more rewards from raids. This article features everything that you need to know about coin master pets.

What are Coin Master Pets?

In Coin Masters, pets are also called companions that accompany you on the battlefield. They help you become the ultimate Coin Master of the world thanks to their stats and buffs. Each pet offers different buffs.

Some pets increase the attacking power, while other pets can automatically gather all the scattered gifts so you can focus on the battle. Some pets defend your village from attacks while you are away, so you don’t lose your hard-earned wealth. Hatch Foxy when you reach the Inca village and journey with him as you collect cards to complete sets and unlock new Pets!

How to get Coin Master Pets?

To unlock and have pets in Coin Master, you need to upgrade your village to level four. Afterward, a spin button will appear on the left side of the screen. You can tap on the desired pet and go to the pet area. Here you will find all the available pets. You have to feed your pets to keep them active and use their buffs. Level them up by giving them experience point potions. The first pet named Foxy automatically gets unlocked while you have to complete quests to unlock other pets.

 All Coin Master Pets

For now, Coin Master features only three pets, and more details about each are given below.


Foxy will be your first pet in Coin Master that you will receive after upgrading your village to level 4. Getting it early on in the game doesn’t reduce its worth. If you love to spend time on the slot machine, foxy can increase your chances of getting good rewards there. Leveling it is also very easy and requires a lot fewer XP potions compared to other pets.

For better results, you should keep collecting those spins for some time and equip foxy to use them all at once for better rewards. Chances are that with this method, you will surely get an assault and launch an attack on an enemy village. The max level of foxy is one hundred and thirty-five.


To get Rhino, you have to complete the “Creatures card collection” quest. Rhino proved to be a great defender over time and can protect your village from enemy attacks. This protection buff is chanced-based, so you have to upgrade Rhino to increase your chances.

For a level one rhino, the chances of defense are only ten percent. Rhino protects you from attacks even after the shield is broken. It is a great pet, and you should keep him active when you are offline. The max level for Rhino in coin master is ninety-nine.


To unlock the tiger pet, you have to complete the “Beasts Card collection” quests that require you to open all the available chests for beast cards.

Tiger helps you in getting more gold coins from each raid. To use the coin-boosting buff, you have to feed the tiger before the attack and take him on the battle with you. After you win the battle, the number of looted coins will be increased based on the level of the pet. The max level for tiger in coin master is one hundred and twenty-nine.

How to take care of Coin Master Pets?

You have to keep a few things in mind to take care of your pets in Coin Master and get the most out of them.

  • Save food and only feed your pets to activate them when you need them the most. Food is quite hard to find, and you don’t want to run out of it when you need it the most. You can get more food by participating in coin master events.
  • You should use the free food option once every twenty-four hours to feed one of your pets for free and activate the buff for fifteen minutes.
  • To upgrade pets, you can also use experience points from chests and jars. When you open one of these, you can simply select the desired pet from the list and upgrade him instead.
  • Each pet offers you stats, and you should check them from time to time. This way, you can spend resources on the right pet only and get the most benefit.

Which is the best Coin Master Pet?

Although all the pets in Coin Master have their benefits, they help you with some tasks in the game. You ultimately have to choose just one pet for the long run.

It can be difficult for beginners to choose their pet as they have no idea which is best for their goals. According to pro players, Foxy is the best-value pet as his buffs are very useful. Obtaining it is also very simple, and you don’t have to complete any quests at all. You will have to upgrade him to get the most out of him.

If you manage to upgrade him to level one hundred and eighty-six or above, you will get one hundred and six percent rewards. The other two pets in the game are also worth the effort, and if you have maxed out foxy, you should try getting them as well for the second option. Check 1k free spins coin master.

FAQs About Pets

Which pet is the best in Coin Master?

According to gamers, Foxy is the best pet to take care of in Coin Master because it is very helpful in increasing your wealth. Check out the benefits of Foxy.

What do pets do in Coin Master?

Pets are very useful when you want to become the Coin Master and winner of the game. When you attack or raid, Pets will increase your rewards and protect your village,

How do I get pet food on Coin Master?

There are many ways to get pet food in Coin Master but the easiest one is to spin the slot machine and wait for the pet food. You will definitely get pet food.


When it comes to becoming the Coin Master of the game you have to play with your strategy and tricks, Pets are very useful you need to double your rewards or wealth that you earned from the raid and attack.

There are three pets in the Coin Master Foxy, Tiger and Rhino. You’ll get more maybe in the next update of the game. Let me know about your suggestion about where you need these pets in your gameplay. You can check the games like coin master.

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