How to Get Free Pet Food in Coin Master?
How to Get Free Pet Food in Coin Master
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One question rise while we have pets in Coin Master, How do I get free pet food in Coin Master? The solution will be made easy after you read the whole article.

You can’t imagine completing village levels without having pets in Coin Master. You have to work for them and gather them from the Coin Master inventory. Getting pet food for free is very difficult nowadays in Coin Matser. To solve this problem we research and find some tips and tricks for you.

Without feeding your pets, they will not survive more. If you want to become Coin Master then you have to feed and care for your pets otherwise you will lose the chance. Pets are basically in-game characters, They play on behalf of you but first, you need to activate them.

There are lots of events and tournaments held in Coin Master which offer you pet food but it is a difficult task for you and me. Another option is that, Wait for 24 hours to get limited food. We’ve to raise food quickly to become champions in the game.

Tricks get free pet food on Coin Master

In this article, we shared some working tricks with you that we also tried in our gameplay. If these tricks work for you then please share this article with your friends. The food is also similar to the 50,000 free spins coin master, It will activate your pet for up to 4 hours.

Without wasting time apply these tricks to your game to get the best pet food for your pets in the Coin Master. If you have any more tricks or tips then share them with us.

1. Using Slot Machine

As we all know Slot Machine is the heart of the Coin Master game, You cannot do anything without it because the main reason behind this is that you need coins, energy, a shield and many things. Spins are the most essential thing while playing Coin Master.

Spins are like the food of Coin Master itself because if you are running out of spins, You can not be able to spin the slot machine and not be able get free things from the Slot machine like coins, and shields, etc.

Sometimes, When you spin the Slot Machine it will give you many things that you have never seen before. Yes, i got pet food many times from the Slot Machine. Before you think about this thing just collect the free spins from our homepage and click on the logo above.

2. Just Play it Once in a Day

This is also considered a reward because while you start this game every day, It will give you a free reward the first time after opening the game. Sometimes people call it login rewards.

The login rewards give you pet foods sometimes. So check your bucket right after collecting the login rewards, This is upon your luck because everyone not getting pet food as a reward If you get it then let us know about it.

3. Use our Spins and Free rewards

You can also use our free spins link and rewards that are given on the homepage of this website. When you click on the link it will redirect you to the game and gives you rewards like pet food, coins, spins and many more things that you have never seen before.

Share these links with your friends so that they can also get these spins and coins. Besides spins and coins, you have a chance to get goldern cards and other rare cards from those links so try your luck.

4. Paid Inventory

After trying those tricks still, you are not getting pet food then you can go for an in-game purchase for pet food. Basically, there is an in-game store in the Coin Master game that will show you different and legendary items for the game Coin Master you can get them by paying there.

We prefer you to go for free tricks because it is a waste of money while you spend your money on that type of purchase so.

5. Participate in Events

Coin Master game runs lots of events like Raid Madness, Attack madness, and Joker tournament. You can join one of them to get pet food. The event declares a winner and if you are lucky then you have a full chance to get pet food as a winning reward.

Events also give you lots of other rewards like coins, spins, golden cards and many things for free. Go and check those events running in the game.

What is the Pet Food in Coin Master?

Basically, there are some pets like foxy, rhinos and tigers. Pets cannot survive without food like in real life also so you need pet food to make them activate for you because they will play on your behalf you. Just feed them and they will work for you for the next 4 hours.

You can get pets using many ways, Some of the famous ways are written below and also information about the existence of every pet in the Coin Master game.

How many Pets are in Coin Master?

There are three pets in Coin Master, We listed them with full details about them so read it carefully. Let us know about your favorite pet in this game. There are mainly three pets in Coin Master let’s see one by one.

1. Foxy

After start playing this game, You will get your first pet Foxy. First, you have to activate the Foxy by coins. It will double your winning amount and bonuses comes from the raid. It will double your winning so you can activate it before raiding in Coin Master.

2. Tiger

Tiger is also similar to Foxy because they both work almost the same for you. Let’s understand in brief, Basically, it helps you while attacking an opponent’s village. If you activated Tiger before attacking the opponent’s village then you can earn more coins.

3. Rhino

Rhino is used for defense, it takes all the attack on its head so you can save yourself from attack. It also saves from little damage during an attack. Those things work only after you activate Rhino so you need lots of coins to activate Rhino.


So you now know How to Get Free Pet Food in Coin Master. If you know more tricks to get free food for pets then please let us know in the comment section so that we can update it here for other gamers like you. Thank You!

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