Coin Master Events Schedule and List
Coin Master Events
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There are lots of events organized by Coin Master. You can end your appetite for free spins and free coins. Because there is always running at least one event in Coin Master. Events lead you to a great opportunity to get free spins up to 50,000. Yes, I’m not joking. Here you can get the Coin Master events schedule.

There are some events that you have to participate in it and complete. If you complete the event without any mistakes then you’ll definitely get a bigger reward. You have a chance to win coin master free spin 99,999.

Coin Master Events Schedule

There are lots of events organized by Moonactive coin master. If you want to participate in it. You can. In the 2020-2021 update moon active changed lots of things here you can get all the details of the coin master events.

Events are just a challenge to the coin master players. If you are experienced in coin master then you’ll definitely be the winner of the events.

Coin Master Events List

Here you can get the all events that will be organized by coin master in the future. You could see the events in full detail. Here is the Coin Master events list.

1. Village Mania

Basically, you know this event if you play the coin master game. The Village Mania is an event that gives you lots of rewards. In this event, You’ll get a discount on building your village.

In this event, You can get either 20% off all your Village items, or 65% off all of the levels on the last item! .

2. Coin Craze

As its name says that this Coin Craze event increases the craze of coins. This event really helps you collect more coins than normal.

There are some symptoms that you can identify in this event. This event adds a multiplier to your coins. It also makes your spin button ‘Gold’.

When there is a gold button on the slot machine, You can get lots of coins while spinning, raiding and attacking other players’ villages. When this event ends your gold spin button will back to normal.

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3. Sea Of Fortune

Its increases your gaming experience with its facility. You can collect more and surprising rewards just by sailing in the sea. You have just kept your eyes on ‘Greedy Octopus’.

This event seems like a tiny game. At every level, You can enter this event. In this event, You’ll get four boxes of wood. Three of them store various rewards for you and another one has a Greedy Octopus.

If unfortunately, You’ll land on Octopus then you have two options. 1) pay to skip the trap with coins and continue playing. 2) End this fortune with no rewards.

4. Attack Madness

As its name says that Attack Madness, Lets you grab more attractive and amazing rewards. In this event during every attack on your friend’s village, You’ll get more chances to get the bigger rewards. As you climb the higher step, You’ll get more rewards.

5. Raid Madness

This event will give you an amazing experience during Raids. Same as the previous event. It will lead you to bigger rewards when you raid other player’s villages. You’ll get more chances to get the bigger rewards. As you climb the higher step, You’ll get more rewards.

6. Village Master

This is the best event to celebrate your level or your progress in the coin master game. You’ll get more rewards when you upgrade or succeed in your levels. The more you go forward, The more rewards you’ll get as progression.

7. Bet Blast

In the Bet Blast event, It will increase your reward prize while attacking, and raiding on other player’s villages. All your rewards will turn double.

8. Cards Boom

As its name says, This event will let you get 50% extra cards for all chests. By this, you can get the missing cards from the chest by purchasing the chest.

9. Cards For Chest

This event is made by the coin master for your missing card in the chest. You can buy a new chest instead of selling it. And you’ll get your missing card.

10. Gold Card Trade

This is the favorite event of the coin master game players. Because in this event you can be eligible to trade your gold card. You can exchange it with your friends.

11. Balloon Frenzy

It is an old event that sustains for a few hours. You can identify this event by the balloon, You’ll see the balloon on your game screen. After the balloon blast, You’ll get more spin rewards.

12. Viking Quest

This is the favorite event of all coin master players because it gives you a lot of prizes. The slot machine will change and you will get rewards like spin, coins, gold cards, etc. It will come for two days a week.


As you see above are the Coin master events schedule and list. You can get many prizes and rewards by grabbing these events. It will increase your playing experience.

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