Top 7 Games Like Coin Master [Latest List 2023]
Games Like Coin Master
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Today, there are lots of games available on the internet. Games are basically for entertainment that can freshen our mind and mood from stress.

Finding games like Coin Master is very easy for you because here we are giving you completed information about games that are very similar to the Coin Master game, Just read this post till the end.

By the time Facebook games became very popular across the world because everyone could access them through apps or the web on their PC or Mobile device.

Here we list some games that are similar to the Coin Master game, these games are completely free to play you can download them from your mobile app store. These games are available for both users on IOS and Android.

The coin Master game is a very interesting game, once you start playing this game you cannot give up till you become the official coin master. You can get 50,000 free spins coin master.

Top 7 Games Like Coin Master

We sorted a list of games that look very similar to the Coin Master. You can see game information below that can help you to understand in brief, If you like these games then don’t worry we provided a link to download that game.

Apply your gaming strategy to these games and you will be the master of the game. The main thing is that everyone plays these games to become a top-rated player.

Without wasting time let’s move to the first game like Coin Master.

1. Pirate Kings

Pirate Kings

The accurate combination of the pirate and coin master, You can see the pirate theme in this game that pirate discovers islands of the game, spin wheel, build islands, attack another’s island and many more things.

Attack or raid on other players’ islands like Coin Master and loot their coins. Build your own kingdom and protect it from your pirate friends.

Just spin the wheel and win the greatest rewards of all time, You have to collect spins like Coin Master there are lots of websites available on the internet that offer you free spins for Pirate Kings.

Let’s have some stat information about this game.

Title Pirate Kings
Publisher Jelly Button Games
Genre Casual Game
File Size  N/A
Download Play StoreApp Store

2. Piggy GO – Clash of Coin

Piggy Go Game

A famous board game Piggy Go is also a great game to play when your free time. You can get this from the below link for your device. This is the board game that allows their user to play with friends, Yes select your favorite piggy in the game and start playing!

Just roll the dice to race across the board. You can do many things in this game like attack, raid, or steal and explore your friend’s board with a strategy.

You can build your own town in the game but you need lots of coins this game so first, you have to raid or steal coins to attack other’s towns. There are also cards in this game, You can trade the cards to earn maximum rewards.

Blast your piggy friend to earn more coins, You can use a cannon to blast your piggy friend. You have to protect your town from attack and blasts and for this, you have to earn a shield by rolling the dice.

Rolling the dice can make you the master of the game because you can earn lots of things like coins, shields, chests, treasure and travel cards. Just collect the all cards to earn big rewards.

Title Piggy GO – Clash of Coin
Publisher Forever9 Games
Genre Casual Game
File Size  N/A
Download Play StoreApp Store

 3. Island King

Island King

Everyone can play this easy game, This is also a similar game coin master there are some major changes between them but playing Island King on the tab is next-level entertainment, You can also try this game on your tab or mobile. You can get the download links below.

You can connect your Facebook account with this game and can also play with your Facebook friends. Like other games, you can attack, raid, steal and travel to another island. Just build your powerful island that can be capable of bearing other players’ attacks.

Build your island on Viking Settlements, Indian Palaces and Mystic Temples. You can become a king of Island King by collecting the most coins in the game that no one has. Make a plan or strategy to become Island King and loot the jackpot from other players’ islands by stealing and raiding.

Just spin to get special rewards from the game, You can spin the wheel and generate gifts like coins, shields, energy and rare cards. After getting cards you can also trade them with your friends to win big rewards.

Title Island King
Publisher Forever9 Games
Genre Casual Game
File Size  N/A
Download Play StoreApp Store

4. Dice Dreams

Dice Dreams

As the name itself says “Dice Dreams” ” you have to roll dice to complete the most of tasks in this game. In coin master, we spin the slot machine and in this game, we will roll the dice instead of the slot machine. Connect with your friends around the world through Facebook and account ID in Dice Dreams.

The main character behind the game is “Bob”, He returns to his home and saw that it had been attacked by someone. Now Bob knows about the dice and he wants to roll the dice to defeat enemies who destroyed his home. Bob is ready to take revenge.

You are Bob in this game when you start playing this game. We added links below so that you can download these games through your tab or mobile device, Check those links.

Become Dice Dreams king is very easy you just have to gather coins and more rolls so that you can roll the dice. By rolling the dice you can win gold coins and gems that can be useful for building your kingdom more powerful with powerful assets.

Attack on your friend’s kingdom by slingshot, You can loot their coins and assets by using this trick. Gather gold from other friends by making raids on their kingdom. You can fill your Treasure with gold from a raid and attack another player.

Title Dice Dreams
Publisher SuperPlay Ltd.
Genre Casual Game
File Size  N/A
Download Play StoreApp Store

5. Spin Voyage: Coin Simulation

Spin Voyage

Spin the slot machine and try your luck, This game is basically a coin game that gives you the feeling of playing like Coin Master. These are games like coin master, If you like this post then comment below for more games so we can understand your needs.

The graphics used in this game are awesome because everything looks eye-catching. If you want to try this game then below you can see links for IOS and Android users. Tell us about your experience in the comment section about this game.

Build your empire through coins and gems, You can earn more coins by spinning the slot machine like Coin Master. The game becomes more interesting when you can attack and steal other players’ treasure. Explore the world and build an empire for yourself.

There are also mini-games included in this game. The games are Piggy and Parrot mini-games. Basically, this game is for those who want to collect tons of coins, This will allow gamers to grab lots of coins by winning.

Title Spin Voyage: Coin Simulation
Publisher True Pilots U.N. Limited
Genre Casual Game
File Size  N/A
Download Play StoreApp Store

6. Coin Kingdom

Coin Kingdom

The Coin Kingdom is a free game for everyone who wants to play on their mobile device. Just log in with your Facebook account and invite your friends to play this game by an invitation link. By inviting your friend, You will get some rewards and gifts from the game.

You will fall in love with the characters of this game because they are so unique and funny, They will increase your winning chances of becoming Coin Kingdom master. Build your non-breakable village to save it from the attacks. You can perform a raid on your friend’s village to steal their treasure and coins.

Spin the wheel and win different types of rewards like coins, gems, shields and many other things. It can be used to build your village more powerful and upgrade the assets.

Title Spin Voyage: Coin Simulation
Publisher True Pilots U.N. Limited
Genre Casual Game
File Size  N/A
Download Play StoreApp Store

7. Pet Master

Pet Master

As the name says there are lots of pets in the Pet Master game, Basically this game is built by the official developers of Coin Master “Moonactive”. There are some similar parts seen in both of these games like graphics, settings, menu, customization and many other things.

Players will join the wild travel in this game and build the biggest and most powerful empire for the pets. You can check the gameplay videos on YouTube and other platforms. You will find magical pets and raccoons on the way with great kingdoms.

We also added download links for this game, No matter if you are an Ios user or an Android user. There is a thing to collect named “albums”, if you have all the albums then you can win a huge price in this game. You can trade cards with your friends in this game.

Title Pet Master
Publisher Moonactive
Genre Casual Game
File Size  N/A
Download Play StoreApp Store


So you saw games like Coin Master, You can check this game by downloading it from the links that are given for every game. Basically, the playing skills used in these games are similar because every game works with the same logic with different themes and graphics.

Choose the best one for you and for your phone, Tell us in the comment section about games that are not listed here because we sorted some popular games here. If you have more then let us know in the comment section we will update the list as soon as possible.

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