Coin Master Rare Cards
coin master cards
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What is Cards in Coin Master?

When you open Chest, You’ll be rewarded with Cards in Coin Master. There are many different types of Collection cards. Every collection of cards stored 9 cards in it. When you get a card collection, you’ll be rewarded with free spins, bonuses, thousands of coins, and Pets. Here you can get the coin master rare cards list.

The Joker Card

The joker card is a great reward for the coin master player. Because it’s a rare card and you can’t get it easily. You can either earn it from coin master events or from Mystery Chests. You can transform a joker card into any other card like golden cards. Yes, You can also transform into Golder Cards.

Note:- Joke Card has an expiry date so use it before it expires.

Coin Master Rare Cards List

1. Tradable Rare Cards

No. Tradable Rare Cards
1 Flamingo
2 Holy Monk
3 Santa
4 Excalibur
5 Mighty Wizard
6 Silverback
7 Barrel Tank
8 Genie
9 Fire Ring
10 Kings foil
11 Fondue
12 Aztec Princess
13 Mythical Tune
14 Portly Pete
15 Painters Palette
16 Mellow Lisa
17 Pop art Poppa
18 Cosmic Carl
19 Machine heart
20 Martin lettuce
21 Satyr
22 Arm Strong
23 Torero
24 Lenny The Lefty
25 Cleopatra
26 Bar hopper
27 Mythical Dome
28 Catrness
29 Berly
30 Punky
31 Knight guard
32 Lucky Lance
33 Archery Camp
34 Pig knight
35 Hotrod
36 Crusader
37 Haunted Harriet

2. Non Tradable Rare Golden Cards

No. Rare Golden Cards
1 Broken Fence
2 Sangria
3 Studio Time
4 Goblin Treasure
5 Tin Thomas
6 Tequila
7 Meteor
8 Oak Cauldron’
9 Baba Yaga
10 Lucky Jack
11 Sherlock
12 Murano Glass
13 Big Top
14 Beltane Pyro
15 Royal Tent
16 Shishi
17 Montezuma
18 Valiant Vlad
19 Chill Caleb
20 Haunty Morty
21 Pharaoh
22 Lord Coins
23 Rembrandt’
24 Red Queen
25 Sushi
26 Throne Of Thorns
27 Coin Master


As you see above there is a coin master rare cards list. There are two types of cards in coin master. One is tradable cards and the one is non-tradable(golden cards) cards. You can get these cards from many events that are held in the coin master game.

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