Village Hiding Techniques in Coin Master
Hiding Village Coin Master
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When you have to constantly fix every structure and recover your lost stars after a raid in Coin Master, it may get extremely unpleasant. The process of rebuilding and being looted once more can seem to go on forever. 

Have you ever considered the possibility that you might get raided more frequently than other players? Alternatively, have you ever wondered how to protect your Coin Master village from future raids? Let’s start by exploring the reasons why people constantly raid your space.

You are frequently raided in Coin Master for the following reasons:

  • You may be wealthy if you have a sizable currency balance. It’s no secret that gaining coins is one of the nicest aspects of Coin Master, but when you’re wealthy, other players will be much more tempted to attack your town and steal their coins.
  • You might have a tremendously powerful community with elite buildings and structures, for example. If you’re proud of all the effort you’ve put into your community, that is quite understandable. 

However, it’s also crucial to be mindful that if you have a strong village, other people who are searching for a challenge may find you more appealing. Just something to think about while you plan how to protect your village.

  • If you’ve climbed the leaderboard, other players may be pursuing your town with a special intent to unseat you. It’s no secret that achieving leaderboard status requires a lot of effort, so it’s entirely acceptable if you feel a little proud of your accomplishment. 

However, it’s also critical to be conscious of the possibility that being on the leaderboard could make you a more obvious target for attacks. Just something to think about while you plan how to protect your village!

In Coin Master, can your village be hidden?

If you’re still considering how to conceal your village in Coin Master, let me know. Sadly, in Coin Master, there is no way to hide your village or keep it from being plundered. However, there is a technique to decrease the frequency of approaching raids, and that is by turning on Ghost Mode! Let’s discuss Ghost Mode now. You can use this option to play Coin Master without making yourself known to your friends or other users of your connected social network.

Although your name won’t appear in the leaderboard or other social aspects of the game when Ghost Mode is activated, other players will still be able to see and attack your town. the number of raids from people connected to your social network will decline. 

The steps below can be used to activate ghost mode:

  • Select the menu option by tapping the top-left menu button in Coin Master.
  • “Settings” should be selected.
  • Turn on this function by flipping the switch next to “Ghost Mode.”

However, players claim that turning on Ghost Mode deflates the excitement of the rewards. Given that other players can still attack your village even with ghost mode activated, for some players it might not be worth it. However, if you want to improve your odds of preventing the destruction of your buildings, you can try a variety of tactics.

How to protect yourself against raids in Coin Master?

Why not think about using the following Coin Master village defence tactics if you feel like you are constantly being raided? These consist of:

Increase the defences of your hamlet

You can fortify your village’s defences by modernising your buildings. Before being destroyed, higher-level structures are capable of taking more damage from attacks.

Think about employing shields

Shields can help defend your community from harm. Shields can only be obtained from the Spinner, even though they are very helpful. Make careful you employ them wisely.

Collecting Cards

Did you realise that spinning the slot machine in Coin Master can be used to gather cards? Each card set corresponds to a certain village, and by obtaining the entire set of cards for a given village, you can strengthen that village’s defences.

Attacking other players 

Attacking other players’ towns is another strategy for bolstering your village’s defences. In addition to earning money and riches, you’ll also get the chance to improve the fortifications of your settlement.

This concludes our discussion on how to conceal your village in Coin Master. In Coin Master, you cannot entirely protect your town from upcoming attacks, but you can enable Ghost Mode to lessen the number of raids from your friends and other people connected to your social network.

Even though raids might not entirely disappear as a result of this, it might be a useful strategy to lessen how frequently people are attacked. Try mixing up different tactics to strengthen your defences against enemies damaging your structures if you’re becoming a little weary of always protecting your hamlet.

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