Coin Master Attack Strategies
Coin Master attack strategies
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Raids and attacks are the two different actions in Coin Master, allowing you to interact with the villages of other players. Raids refer to stealing coins directly from the player’s village, while attacks involve damaging their village structures. The objective of both these actions is common – they grant you huge rewards!

When you land on the Raid symbol on the slot machine, you can dig for coins in other players’ villages. You can choose four sports with three attempts. The scored coins will be added to your balance. Attacking, on the other end, involves attacking their villages.

Here’s everything about Attacking and the best Attack strategies to improve your game.

Attack – The Hammer

Upon landing on the Hammer symbol on the slot machine, you tend to attack the village of other players. Here, you can choose a structure to damage, and if your attack is successful, you will receive coins as a reward. If the attacked player has an active shield, it will absorb the damage, and you will still receive a smaller coin reward.

You can get an entire row of Hammers and attack the base of other players. If you have linked your Facebook account to Coin Master, you can select the friend you want to attack. If not, the game picks a random player. The player’s village will appear on your screen, and you will be asked to choose the building you want to Attack. This action will fetch you a coin reward and reduce the star level of the building so attacked.

Top Coin Master Attack Strategies

Here are the top Coin Master Attack strategies to improve your game:

Build a Strong Offense

First things first! You must build a strong offense, and to do so, you must focus on collecting free spins and using them strategically to increase your chances of landing on the Hammer symbol. It can be done by participating in events and completing card collections. Besides spins, these actions also offer coins and other rewards.

Choose the Right Target

When you decide to attack, it is integral to choose your targets wisely. Always look for the players with large numbers of coins who have recently laid an attack on you, as it helps maximize your rewards and enact revenge. Besides this, you can prioritize attacking rivals in the game to make your Coin Master experience more engaging.

Time Your Actions

When it comes to attacking in Coin Master, timing is the key. Thus, you must pay attention to ongoing events, challenges, and the state of the village to find the best time to execute your plan. For instance, if an event offers increased rewards for attacking, you might save your spins for that event.

Balance the Offense and Defense

While it is vital to have a strong offense in the game, it is equally necessary to protect your village from potential raids and attacks. Ensure investing in building and upgrading shields and defensive structures, and utilize your pets to protect your village. Balancing the offense and defense will allow you to progress through the game effectively and protect your hard-earned coins.

Do Not Attack your Facebook Friends

Do not attack your friends or tell them not to attack your village. If you click the Revenge button, you will notice players not on your Facebook list. It is good to plan your attack there. Additionally, when you raid your friends, be careful. If you get raids, send a direct message to them and tell them to use their coins. Once they use all of them, you can start raiding them.

Build a Revenge Mechanism

Building a revenge mechanism will improve your game by leaps and bounds by allowing you to get back at a player who attacked your village. And when you strike back, you win. The Revenge option is located at the top of your screen. When you select it, the game lists all the players who have recently attacked you. Pick one, and you will be taken to their village. You can lay down the trap.


No doubt, Coin Master is an extremely engaging game. And with the Attack, Raid, and Revenge, the fun doubles up. Now that we have shared some easy attack strategies, it’s time for you to execute them and start the attack. All the best.

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