How to Get Golden Card in Coin Master [Solved]
Coin Master Golden Card
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One of the most popular games, Coin Master, was created by Moon Active in 2015. It also turned into a successful business. The game that can never be disliked for whatever reason is Coin Master. Simply put, it’s the greatest. Its intriguing prizes, which include rare cards, gold cards, pets, free spins, and coins, are one of the key reasons for this. Gold cards are one of its numerous features, among others. They are uncommon cards that can be used to gather pets, finish sets, and claim rewards.

The likelihood of obtaining rare cards in Coin Master appears to be declining rapidly. They are extremely difficult to obtain because of their specialty, which is the reason they are referred to as rare cards.

However, you can still have them, so don’t worry. You should continue reading this if you’re wondering how to obtain one. 

Ways to Get Golden Cards

Most people spend a lot of money buying chests in order to obtain golden cards. But regrettably, they do not receive this specific form of a single card. If you have already spent a significant amount of money then you should try these ways. 

Here are the best ways to try in order to get rare cards for no cost:

Buy Chests

Have you ever believed in luck? You must enter Coin Master, after all! because it’s difficult to get your hands on uncommon cards.

So, if you’re in severe need of rare cards, buy as many village chests as you can. There may be some uncommon cards there if you’re fortunate enough to uncover them.

For the convenience of upgrading to the new village, you will get a free chest. So simply use coins to purchase a few additional chests. 3/5 chests will easily provide a gold card. Get your Acai Card

New Village Trick

Create a completely new village and cease developing it. Spin the spin region a minimum of five times at 1x speed. Continue purchasing the magical or wooden chests up until the final card turns golden. get your coin master free spin 99,999 and become the Coin Master fast.

Trade Cards on Facebook

Coin Master is one of the largest Facebook communities, where players exchange a lot of information. Additionally, you can join the Facebook community for trading called Coin Master, which has over 2 million members.

The group members support one another by lending coins and occasionally different cards that they no longer require. A select few players might even give you the golden cards without expecting anything in return.

Join the Coin Master community on Facebook if you already have one and start interacting!

Language Change

Although it sounds crazy, switching languages might increase the likelihood of receiving gold cards. After changing the language in the options, buy some chests. Using this easy method, numerous players have so far received free Coin Master gold cards. Therefore, you can at least give it a shot.

Boom Village

There are certain special settlements in the coin master game known as boom villages. When you are in boom villages, you can purchase new chests. These chests, which can also contain golden cards, can be given to players.

But in this game, you have to keep attempting to get those uncommon gold cards. Try these strategies, and you’ll succeed in getting that rare golden card someday!

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