What is Gold Cup Card in Coin Master? [How to Get] 
Gold Cup Card Coin Master
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Golden cards are required to finish card collections. These cards—and only the cards indicated in that event—can be traded only during Gold Trade Events. The best way to obtain these cards is through chests. A few gold cards are uncommon, while others can be found in chests quite frequently. You must purchase numerous chests to obtain these. However, some individuals recommend using a few strategies to increase your chances of obtaining these uncommon gold cards.

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Regardless of the strategy employed, buying chests in every town is always a wise move. If you go forward too rapidly, you risk missing out on cards that are harder to obtain in upper villages because gold and rare cards are dispersed throughout the villages. Only move on to the next town if you can’t locate any new cards in the 1 to 1.5 billion total cards.

When entering a new village, make everything a 1 star. Then purchase chests until a fresh golden card appears. Then purchase a second star for all of the items, and begin purchasing chests once more until you locate a fresh golden card. Continue doing this until every star in the community is filled. But make sure to buy new items for your village if you don’t find a new gold card within a few hundred million coins.

Until the final card has at least three stars, purchase wooden chests. When the final card has 4-5 stars, start purchasing gold chests. Once you locate a golden card as the final card in the chest, start purchasing magical chests. Repeat the process after that.

Buy 20 of each kind of chest. Although this method is very pricey, you could give it a shot. 20 wood chests should be purchased first, followed by 20 golden chests and 20 magical chests.

Coin Master is making a tremendous effort to be open and honest with us. The likelihood of finding rare cards in chests was therefore shared. Sadly, they focus on rarity in terms of the number of stars rather than the likelihood of receiving the card. The amount of stars on a card is not necessarily a gauge for rarity, as we can see in the Coin Master rare card list, but it can help. This likelihood may be found here.

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