Coin Master Facts And Statistics [Updated 2023]
Coin Master Facts And Statistics
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Coin Master is a popular title by Moon Active, and it was released in 2010 for Android and iOS operating systems. To simply put it up, Coin master is all about raiding enemies, building your territory, attacking enemies, and spinning the slot machine. Earn coins and upgrade your village to keep it safe from enemy attacks.

You can spin the machine only a few times and have to wait for some time to get some free spins. Can’t wait for free spins? Buy spins from the in-game store with real money.

For now, the game features up to four hundred villages. Due to the popularity of Coin Master, players are curious to learn about all the facts and stats of the game. This article provides you with all valuable insights and to-the-point statistics about Coin Master.

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Coin Master User Stats and Facts

Players are the backbone of the game, and learning about stats related to players is very important.

Most players are female

This may sound a bit odd, but thirty percent of the total player count of Coin Master are male, while the female players are approximately seventy percent. Female players belong to the teenage group, while men are mostly above thirty. Coin Master is an 18+ game. The most fanbase of the game is from the adult age group.

Coin Master is downloaded 200+ Million times

In 2019 alone, the game was downloaded around ninety million times, and the number has been going up ever since. The Covid-19 pandemic was a golden chance to make the game popular, and it happened.

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Around 2 billion spending

According to official stats, players spent more than 1.2 billion dollars on purchasing in-game items in 2020. In terms of spending, the United States took the number one spot with around one billion dollars. These figures are enough to help you can get an idea about how crazy players are for Coin Master.

Moon Active has more money after the pandemic. For now, in-app products in Coin masters are available between one dollar and three hundred and seventy dollars.

Ranked at number 5 most downloaded game

In 2020, Coin master was ranked number five spot for the most downloaded game all around the globe. It is now a direct competitor of popular games like PUBG, Roblox, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile, which ranks in the top ten sports.

Facebook users like Coin Master a lot

The official YouTube channel of Coin Master was created in 2020, and more than one hundred videos have been uploaded to the channel since then.

The Instagram account of Coin Master has a whopping seven million followers. The game goes for the Twitter account, which was created back in 2015. But Coin Master is the most popular on Facebook.

Coin master is unpopular on Twitch

If you are related to the gaming industry in any way, you will be aware of Twitch which is one of the popular online game streaming platforms. Although Coin Master is popular among social media users, The Twitch viewer ship is Coin Master is very low.

This is justifiable as the game isn’t developed while keeping streaming in mind. It is a wheel game, so only the player will be enjoying it for the most part.


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